Ok I finally settled on a Template

After 1.5 years I am happy. 4 templates later.


Whatcha think?

Site is still void of content but I put in some test stuff to make sure it all worked.

That is very neat :slight_smile: I like the color scheme!

Needs more lens flare.

am a bit cluess here but what is blenderprojects about?

‘community project’s central’ if you will, it all started out from project cakewalk:
http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=86645 (the newer thread)…

nice .
so what can i do with this site
see others project ?
make my own open project ?

It is a place where serious projects can call home. Like an elite site for the best artists and animators. Sorry n00bs. I have a new project I have started on paper and hope for it to be the central project to get this site off the ground. No hints, so sorry. Just know it will be a masterpiece!

I really like the template/ website :slight_smile:

It’s quite late at the moment, but tommorow, if i’m able to i would like to submit a project.

You can see some of the project details here, but i’ll post more info tommorow;


Sure thing! Just join up and I can make it so you can submit stories or projects.