ok i got the Blender bug!!!

hey guys,

just wanna say how much I am loving using blender. my main hobbys are video games, movies, hip hop and now I can add blender to my list of what I love doing in my spare time. I have really got bitten by the blender bug.
hey I aint that good with it, but I am so passionate about learning new things within blender and cycles, and after years of using final cut pro, after effects etc 3d animation is another area I really want to learn more about.

for me this is an amazing bit of software, I work in the movie industry and this can help me to visualise and create certain scenes and sequences, putting the camera where I want it and work out all the moves before the actual shoot.

so anyone else like me?

If you have a Blender bug please report it to the bugtracker so that the developers can fix it:

hoho :slight_smile:
actually maybe I should’ve thought of a better title eh lol