Ok, I have to ask: How do you apply the bloody textures?

See, I don’t use Blender. i use XSI. However I want to use Blender to render because XSI 4.2 has poor rendering.

But Blender’s interface is way too “out there” and I am not exactly using it to invest all the time one would to use such a program, becuase i want it just fro the texturing and rendering (actually the textures are already made, just i need to reapply them in Blender) and render some special effects as well.

Just image rendering btw.

The other problem is that every tut I look at for Blender is either based on little tips for people who use it for all their 3d needs, or organized in a fashion where it’s like watchin a whole movie just to see one scene halfway though. And the help files never work.

Well, you could try this one:

Oh my models already have UV maps. I mean when i open the model in Blender, they are textureless, and when i go to texture mode, all I see is a wall of cut off words and labelless buttons. and again, the help function doesn’t work.

See this thread: