OK, I joined another contest.

Hi people, I was playing with blender web plugin a bit and decided to join it to “thebig3d” contest to see how blender’s web capabilities compare with commercial 3d web programs.

I know I won’t win, and some spellings are not right (I have a bad case of dyslexia.) But just to prove to myself blender can pritty much hold it’s own in this area I decided to make a really quick website and join it in that contest anyway. Not all the textures in the gallery section are made by blender, but the whole site is. :wink:

Anyway, you people go take a look at it at

http://thebig3d.com/big_3d.asp , its the 39th entry. If you like it, please do vote for it.

(The site will prompt you to download only the blender plugin then a custom blender loading page from a downloaded blender help thingy will show up before you get to see my site, but most of you might already know that. ;))

I know there are a lot of good sites there, and my chances are better in winning the lottery, so I hope you guys like mine best cuz I dont want to have the least number of votes. lol. Vote starts Jan 1.

If you dont want to vote here is the direct link.

Ofcourse, this site works only with blender web plugin compatible browsers.

Happy new year to all of you!

freaky site. I dont understand how it works :slight_smile:


Well, it is suposed to be a “web gallery” hehehe. You know, the page where all the art are posted in a web site. So, basically, it is nothing but a place where images are posted and you dont get to interact with most of the stuff in it.

By the way, is it just me or is there something new with the forum look today?

the walls have no bounds checking. You might also want to put some actual images in those windows as well as up the speed of forward motion. It takes a really long time to get anywhere.

How do you spell things wrong when there is no text anywhere?

weird, there should be textures with badly spelled text in there the last time I checked.If you are reffering to the boxes as windows, well, there are supposed to be textures in these too, they are actually picture frames. I’ll go and re check the server if anythin got lost. Thanks for the info anyway.