Ok I ll get a Wacom: which one?

Hi !
Some of you might remember this thread.
I have given upthis AIPTEK model and everyone (almost) convinced me to buy WACOM Intuos.
I’d like something rather serious: fed up texturing with my old mouse. (see here)
Now i have a choice to make: which size ?

First i thought of the nice A6 wide. But i read at cgtalk that you’d better choose something that match your display, ie a small A6 is fine for up to 20 “. I have a 24” display, so it would not make sense to drive it with a tiny surface in fact.

So i came to the conclusion that the A5 Wide is better suited. But what a jump in price !!!
The cheapest i could find was 359 € (with just the pen)
Then i thought why not the special edition: you get the airbrush too. I could find one at 376€, so it is not that much more is it ?
Than you can find the A4 special edition with Airbrush, Mouse (alone it costs more than 100 € it seems) and pen for…466€. You have a bigger surface, the mouse for 80 € more…

I don’t get the price policy…
What would you do ?
200€ would be fine, 466 Hmmm…not that fine but it sounds like a good deal…
I’d love to get the A5 wide for 350 with pen, airbrush and mouse !

Well, you will get a A5 wide for 350, but not with an airbrush and mouse. It might be that somebody could sell you a mouse for it… which would probably be a graphire mouse. Not sure if they work in intuos’. Anyway, I recommend a A5 wide
317 euros + delivery from amazon.de . That would be the one I would buy currently.

About the mouse; can’t you use a normal cordless mouse? I guess it’s not as practical.

You can get A5 (wide) Wacom Bamboo Fun for less than 200 euros. Bamboo Fun is basically a replacement model for Graphire. It is not as accurate as Intuos (“only” 512 levels), misses tilt, some pens and the pen ID system though.

That may be a good compromise depending on your financial situation. If you are going to use the tablet a lot, Intuos is probably the way to go.

Get an intuos3 6x8. The software has settings enabling you to do widescreen, it’s not bad even when I’m using two widescreens. You can get it relatively cheap, especially if you try getting an education discount.

I just bought a A6 one (Volito II) and I think it suits me perfectly. I usually draw on small pieces of paper and I feel lost on big ones.

Just try a A6 one, is cheap, doesn’t take much space and is good for a beginner.

i wouldn’t worry about mouse. i have never used the one that came with mine… i bought the thing for pen, mouse i already have :slight_smile:

a5 size is nice…


You’ll probably never use the mouse, I’ve never found any use for mine as I always have a perfectly good mouse that doesn’t have to run on the tablet surface sitting next to my computer.

You could possibly get by with the lower sensitivity and lack of tilt of the Bamboo, even as the basic model it blows most other non-wacoms out of the water. If you have your heart set on the airbrush and tilt features then by all means go with the Intuos.

It’s important to match your screen and tablet aspect ratio, otherwise you’ll never manage to draw anything properly, it’ll come out looking either squashed or stretched, depending which of the tablet and monitor is the wider. If your monitor is wide screen, then you’re pretty much bound to also getting a wide-screen tablet, but if you have a standard 4:3 aspect ratio monitor then avoid the wide tablets.

Thanks all for your replies !
PassiveSmoking: Mmmmhh. There is now way to map a 4:3 screen on a wide tablet if necessary (leaving for example 2 bands unused on the sides) ?

I think there might be a feature for that in the driver control panel, I haven’t honestly looked though because I’ve not needed it. But it’d be kinda a waste of tablet real estate :slight_smile:

I work on the Intuos3 A6 wide on my 15" Powerbook display. It’s natural for me to draw small, anyway, so I’ve never had any problems, actually I think I’d be annoyed with an A5, which some people I know swear to. Classical animators and such, some even go for A4.

I’ve never had any use for a Wacom mouse, I have a nice tethered one in a size and with button placements I prefer and haven’t seen in a Wacom. I’d have to move the mouse out of the way too often if i used a Wacom one.

As for the mapping, in the Mac driver you can map it any way you want. I use the full display, with “force proportions” so that a thin strip on the right of the pad isn’t used but the aspect of the screen and the pad is the same. Plus, you can map it so that the pad only covers a portion of the screen if you really need the precision. I’m pretty sure you can do that in Windows, too.

BTW, i find the buttons and strip on the Intuos indispensable. Those are worth the extra € all by themselves, IMO.

Don’t let them (Wacom) talk you into getting an Intuos. I use a 4x6" Graphire and it’s fine for everything I do, which runs the gamut from texturing and photo editing to comic drawing. Admittedly I haven’t used an Intuos but I’m skeptical that the massive price increase corresponds to any massive usability benefits.

I have an old A4 Intuos, and yes to me it is unnecessarily large.
A5 wide should be perfect for a large widescreen monitor.

You can adjust the area to match any screen of course (and you should unless you want to draw stretched stuff…) and you can also basically make an A3 tablet into an A6 tablet, so in theory you can hardly buy a too large one, but the A4 one already is much larger than a sheet of A4 paper, so finding space on the desk is already a problem for me…

As for graphire vs. Intuos, i’ve heard from several people that pen tips and cover of the graphire wear off noticeably over time, while the intuos really is nearly indestructible in this regard…but for people not using it every day it may not be much of a problem, and perhaps the bamboo is better now, don’t know.

I would recomend the wacom A6 Graphire tablet. I have one and the software is good too you can select reigons of the screen that the tablet is mapped to or areas of the tablet to match the screen. I have done some paintings with it and it has goos pressure sensitivity. no mouse but I like it as is. I got mine with corell painter essentials (it came free) and I think it only cost me about £70

take a look at your office where your computer is… BIG tablets can be very akward in small spaces.

Most applications make you use the keyboard, along with the tablet.

At work I have a 12 or 15 inch intuos 2… I wish it was about 1/2 the size.

Also if you own Zbrush, or if you ever plan on buying Zbrush, get a tablet that the pen angel is mesured. Sculpting in Zbrush is just like using clay with this feature… it is amazing the control you have.

It would not surprise me to see the blender sculpt tools getting this feature in the near future :smiley:

the more level’s of pressure the better too…

That’s why the configurable buttons on the intuos are so great, if you take the time to configure them. The less common stuff you can even put in an on-screen menu.

i bought an intuos 3 A5 wide special edition today!
been playing with it for about 2 hours. it’s just great!

sculpting in blender is way more handy with the tablet then with a mouse.

There are a lot of configuration options for the buttons, so if you take time to set it up good, you will have a lot of advantages (less use of the keyboard).

Tadaaaaaa !!!

Hi everyone ! I am back and i finally made up my mind:
As fozerino, i bought an A5 wide special edition.
I got it a couple of hours ago, so i havn’t really tried it now…
How exciting !

Thanks for all who helped to make this choice !!!

Gwenouille: Have you liked the tablet so far? Are the extra pens worth the price of special edition? Do you have any works to show? :slight_smile:

Hi Be Braw
If i liked the tablet ? YES !
Veeery nicely made, cool design.
I had the following problem though: i own a 17" and a 24 " wide. With the newest drivers, it should be possible to map the tablet to 1 scrren only, and swap monitor with one of the express keys. The control panel for the wacom is very well made, very intuitive, so i had no pbs setting that up. BUT as soon as you restrat your machine (next mornign), your cursor is limited to the top left corner of the 1st monitor ! (about 250*150 pixels)
I had to clean the drivers and reinstall: idem.
Then i went to download the newest stuff, only to see that the bug remains…
I finally use some older drivers where the swap function doesn’t exist, but everything is stable. So if i want to map to one monitor only and swap between monitors, i have to launch the control panel. (which is very quick if you assign it to the express key)

I sometimes use the tablet to browse the internet and manipulate things on the PC: it helps my wrist !

I haven’t realy tried to manipulate things in Blender, but so far i don’t like it in Blender: i switch back to my mouse.
On the contrary, it is a real treat when it comes to using the GIMP or other 2D apps. !
I went to do some texturing for my violin and did it with the mouse (no tablet at that time): it would have been 3x better and 2x quicker with the wacom !

I have been quite busy in “real life” lately doing some serious woodworking, so i haven’t done much with the tablet since…This violin is in standby…

About the additionnal pens: well i had mine with the airbrush instead of the mouse, and for less money, so i can’t complain.
The airbrush is a bit…fragile. It is extremely light (which is probably good) and when you shake it you can hear that is it not very sturdily made… But it has a very nice good side: in the 2d apps, the programs keep in memory what tool you’ve used last with a particular input device.
So if you use “square select” with your mouse, “airbrush” with the airbrush, “brush” with the normal pen , “eraser” with its eraser-tip and “blur” with the airbrush’s eraser, you can just pick up a tool and the programm knows what effect it should have: very handy !
Erase something, take the mouse: hop you have your select tool !
Even the color you’ve used your tool with is kept…

Back to the airbrush: i didn’t use the small wheel on top of it, so i really use it as anothe pen.
For me, if you don’t get a bargain, the airbrush isn’t a must. But better get the airbrush than the mouse…

Downside of the tablet: it takes much room on my desk and costs quite a lot (was for my birthday, from me :D)

I probably would be quite bad at painting on a computer, but i can show you a detail of a real painting of mine (it is a scanned photo of the painting actually…)