Ok, ive got a crush, NOW WHAT?!

Hi, ive been thinking a lot, and im wondering how what i should do now?
Ive been in love with the same girl in like 6 years now. :S

So, what should i do to like start talking to her, and make her understand how i feel?
and how do you know u are together, and how do i know when to kiss?

Ive never had a relationship before, so i have no clue what to do, what so ever.

(im 15 btw)

WING IT! hahah…

I really don’t know what to tell you…

But, I know what you feel like…

There’s this girl I really like says I love you bub night bub, and all of that sstuff… (likes me as a brother if u didn’t notice :P)

But, I did a, hahahah, google search and thought these might help you. :smiley:



I’m not promising any of these might have “bad” stuff cause I really didnt’t look at them…

Well, you’ve got more chance with her if you ask her out, don’t you?
What have you got to lose?

I think you should wait another 6 years and then slowly, maybe, try and say hello to her. Then wait another 6 years and then maybe say a whole sentence to her. And then 6 years after that maybe ask her out.

:D:D:D:D:Dsorry:D:D:D:D:D I just figured you are joking with us also.

What?! -.-
i am so not joking… </3

but ty 4 the help TheMonkeyCreator

ask her out.

don’t make excuses or try avoiding it, just do it before you completely lose the chance.

as for those questions, you’ll know :wink:

(p.s. don’t try to be too clingy and don’t worry about minor details, those will end up shooting you in the foot)

Hahah, we are from the same country;)
I think before you ask her out, you should become her friend. Talk to her lol…it’s kinda funny though that you come askin about this on a 3D app forum like blender artist.:smiley:


u’r just 15, u’ll become an expert in a lil’ while :smiley:

but, it’s good to know, that if u want something, u hv to do all in ur power to get it (in love, at jobs…) so, go for it… ask her out.
otherwise, MentalKhandr is right and i don’t think u want that :slight_smile:

good luck and let us know.


You ought to show the Blenderartists forum and all your posts here one by one, with this thread last - only joking.

Anyway, since you have been in “love” with her for about six years, this feeling may not necessarily be mutual. You need to understand that sometimes one has to let go a love freely, and no doubt there is someone out there for you who will return your love, and sometimes with more than what you give . . . I know because I have my perfect someone wearing my ring (well chosen from a family member from my side anyways…but paid by me).

You are 15 . . . the world is a big place and maybe as in humour suggested by an earlier member . . . another six - twelve years is plenty of time to grow into your life.


I don’t believe a 15 year old should be looking for a real serious relationship.

Have you even ever held a job?

I’ve held a job and I turned 15 back in April. :smiley:

When I was younger I had a crush on this girls. She was my best friend for like 4-5 years while we were in high school. I never talked to her about my feelings until much later on when our lives took different paths. After I told her how I felt she just said “All you had to do was ask”. Lesson learned.
So, if you like a girl talk to her before you regret.

Make a 3d model of her head and make a love letter / postcard out of the render.

Buy her that 200 pancakes an hour machine.

I’m in the same situation… Just talk to her, or send her a text mesage about school or something…

If you do that a few times, then talk to her about other things.

Best of luck,

Thanks for the good advice.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve come to find that love is one of those things that find you when you least expect it… and like all the best things in life, it’s free (there’s a bright and seriously dark side to this, but that’s not important)…

All I’ve got to say basically is… get to know this person. Talk to her… see what comes out… see if she shares your world or not, and don’t lie to yourself: regardless what meets your eyes, always pay attention to what your heart says. What you feel. I’ve left girls for no reason other than the fact that it never felt right… I lost sleep for no reason and time felt like it was standing still in all the wrong ways… If anything…

Get to know her. The rest falls in place, but always for the better.

just do it…

Right,just do it. Run up to her with your best big smiley face look…grab her,lean her back and give her a big wet suck-face kiss.

That always worked for me,but then again…I’m single,never married, no girlfriend and live in a maximum security prison…Go figure!!!

i had a crush on a girl for 3 years… turned out she felt the same way about me when i told her
(we were good friends…)
sadly, we both gotta leave to different colleges now =P