Ok, kinder and gentler then

[B]We live in a world of innocence through the eyes of a child,
An innocence of mind, where imaginations runs wild,
They shut their eyes to a world that can be black as coal,
But a child’s open eyes are your windows to their soul,

      They see angels and God, they see what they believe,           
      They see the good in people, never too late to retrieve,           
      They see sadness and pain you keep hidden from them,           
      Still they put all their trust in you to kiss it better again,           
      Their eyes have a sparkle that see everything anew,           
      Innocent eyes with a message that tell you they trust you,           
      They look forward to the future, to a world they will own,           
      Eyes and mind wide open to a new light and new dawn,           
      They never see anyone rich, they never see anyone poor,           
      Everyone would be equal isn't that what this world is for?,           
      Their eyes can say they are tired, time to rest, time to           sleep,           
      Say goodnight with one last look, asking their innocence we           keep.
      ~~William Law</b>[/B]

Okay, you are driving me crazy with this stuff! I don’t think that you will get into trouble for this one, it is just too true! I don’t think that this violates any forum rules. Still, when you speak the truth, it can freak people out! Some folks can not deal with it! I try to talk between the lines you know? Let them do their own thinking!
Nice little poem though.

Cheers, pix

Yeah, I’d stop making moral or philosophical annotations on life. Whenever someone does, it seems a flame war insues. BTW, who the heck is William Law?

is that text one of those optical illusions that makes your eyes cross or something?


well said too…

well said too…

Based on seeing some of your posts, I’m not sure you fully understand what he is saying. Although, my understanding might not be right. It is very well stated though.

it is very possible i don’t understand…possibly because i don’t have an understanding of much in the world…i am “innocent” in that way…

but i do have a theory…