Ok........now what?

Ok I’m new to blender and I’m slowly starting to learn the program. I’m trying to box model this image that I found on deviant art (all the cred for this image belongs to the Killustartor so it’s not mine. I just wanted to model it)

Well I have to simple form down now and I think the topology is ok.

Now I’m stuck the simple thing to do would I guess work on the brow regin but everytime I add more loops and try to extrude but to no avail.

What should I do now with this model?

Thank you all for helping a noob out :slight_smile:


the topology is certainly not ok and that’s why you have a problem with the brow area…
eye topology should form circles around the eye and eyebrow… and face loops should follow muscular details of the face…
here is an example of a good topology… note the eye and eyebrow area as well as the face loops.



I think I’ll be able to help more if you show me the original references, so I can do some quick paint overs for you. =)

Ok here are the refernces thanks for the help guys.

Dyf:Yeah now I really see I have a lot of work to do. I was just confused on how to get it to flow because of the box modeling technique. Yeah I know excuses, excuses :wink:


Alright, if I where you, the first thing I would do is make sure my references were aligned correctly. You can do this by opening up the references in your favorite photo editor, and use some guide lines to make sure everything lines up. You want to use the major features of the reference as points to make your guides. Sometimes (especially when using illustration) things don’t line up quite as nicely, so you may have to scale some things to line things up. Most things line up pretty nicely here, so we don’t need to do too much scaling. Take note that the mouth on the front view is somewhat more open than the side, this could cause you a headache when modeling if you don’t remember things like that.


After everything is lined up, I like to have a pretty decent plan of what I’m going to be doing. Nothing perfect, but it helps to have an idea. This is especially helpful when you have a complicated reference, and you want to make some decent topology. Here’s what I did (nothing perfect, but it gives me an idea.) You of course don’t HAVE to stick to the topology you drew up, but like I said, I find it helps.


After that I dive right into the model. I’m prefer box modeling myself, so you had the right idea starting with a simple form. But my suggestion:


Start even simpler.

What you have going on right now is good, but I think it can be even better.
See the spot I marked? that would cause you some issues down the road, because of the lack of loops. Now, you could cut some loops in there, but that often makes a mess, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. I find it better just to have an area for the loops, and delete the faces and extrude (similar to how Pablo models in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M73HbKpYPv8 ). When you extrude, you end up with loops…so if you wield the extrude command well, you can easily make a decent mesh.


After using style of box modeling in Pablo’s video, I ended up with something like this:


(I’m not particularly proud of this mesh, I’m considering editing it out, it’s got a lot of problems. I don’t want to lead anyone astray. If anyone has issues with it, I’m not looking for crits, but I will take it down.)
This is by no means anywhere near perfect, I made it in a few minutes just to give an example of what you can end up with. If you want to see close to perfect, I recommend the following:
Keep going with your mesh, and post a WIP thread asking for topology crits. People way smarter than me will be able to tell you problems and solutions…but be sure to actually have something for them to critique if you ask.

If you like box modeling, I’d recommend watching this guy model.

His name is Martin Krol, he’s an excellent box modeler.
I’d also recommend checking out the “Poles and Loops” sticky, it’s got some great stuff. I know of people that come to these forums just to read that thread.

Wow thanks bruce ape.

I kinda went and hung my head in shame :o for a bit but I came back with a vengence. I took a look and tried to figure out what went wrong and I think I found out what happend. So I’m starting over hopefully to be a bit cleaner :yes:.

I am going to post a WIP thread its just I’m still new at this and I want to have at least something that looks like I kinda know what I’m doing. Maybe this would be a good start.

Thanks again


Thank you Bruceape. I’ve been reading everything I can find this last year about topology and specifically poles, all of it has been very in depth and I thought I kinda’ had it figured out, but it wasn’t until you said “When you extrude, you end up with loops…” then, it finally clicked. Now it makes sense. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.