ok so i need some money

and i was wthinking “what am i best at?” and i finaly came to the conclusion that i can draw well and game well and blend sorta well.

so how could i make money off these “skills”

any ideas would be good.

make a really really good animation with blender, and invite all your friends to watch.

then steal their wallets when they’re not looking.

Ever thought about doing freelance work?

sure how would i get into that?

first get a few lances…

ok I’ll stop : ]

ask around, go on design forums where there’s often an “employment/work” section. Craigslist has a section dedicated to “gigs”, or contract work.

One thing not to do is go door-to-door or cold-call. That might work for one-off sales, but generally service jobs require on-going commitment on the part of the client.

o_O i think i found something.


I think the first step would be to create a portfolio that really shows off your skills. I suppose you already might have one though …

The second step would be to create an amazing demo reel.

Remember that it’s all about marketing. You have to market yourself to the possible employer. You need something concrete to show.

i havnt a portfolio all my works go on here.

demo reel?


Get a job?

It doesn’t have to be computer related.
I don’t see how you have to ask people online, the answer is simple. Get a job.

Demo reel is a piece of animation that showcases your works. It should put emphasis on your strong sides. Normally a demo reel consists of your animation works but I don’t see why not to show stills in it in case you are a still artist. A demoreel is normally about a minute or two long. You can find plenty of information about them on the internet.

You don’t need a demo reel necessarily. But it doesn’t hurt to have one. It shows that you are capable of mustering work of astonishing quality on your free time.

Even a really neat webpage might help in getting a job.

I can see valarking’s point though. :slight_smile:

if you need money and cant think of something, specialy if you arent reallly qualified for anything, my suggestion is… McDonalds

sings “badaba-da-da, im lovin’ it.” sings

Zomg Lmfao

Write a book of poems, and include in there sketches and what not. Then go out on the streets and peddle your book for $20. I know a guy who does this, and he makes fairly good money.

make me a new www page, i am not happy with this: -----removed----
No, actually you would need a business lisence to do such.
Working at a fast food restaurant was a good idea

J, you don’t need a business license to create a website, most of it is done through freelance work that doesn’t require a license at all

Thanks for correcting me vitaliy.