ok so now I am stuck...

I am still new to modelling and decided to try something other than box modelling a character as that was too frustrating. So I have started this new character which I ultimately plan to rig so i can learn to animate as well… The trouble I am having is with the mouth as far as obtaining a decent shape and on the bottom the vertices that I will extrude for the neck. With the neck i ripped a vert apart to remove triangles and now it wont reconnect or looks wierd. Any suggestions for any of the modelling so far would be greatly appreciated…


Possibly you need to remove doubles (vertices).
Any time you have problems with this in subsurf, take the subsurf off and the cause usually becomes apparent. Looks very much like you have a face on a face (or two), often caused by extruding and then failing to move the new surface out.

Thank you…that solved that issue…any suggestions on how to fix the mouth?

While animation is best with as few loops as you can get away with, I’m thinking you need maybe one more edgeloop going around the mouth, between the nose and lips. CTRL-R should add this in edit mode.
If by “fix the mouth” you mean give it more of a shape, use edgeloop slide (select edgeloop first) to bring two loops close together if you want a sharp bend for where the loop turns in, Doesn’t look too bad though, so only if you want.

thank you I will definately give it a shot and repost an update