Ok, So this one has probably been done a million times, but here it is

This is my first finished project (if you could call it a project). I’ve only been working with 3D ing for a few days. Let me know what you think


Welcome to BA. Not bad for your first render. At least you gave the chrome spheres something to reflect. I also like the water texture. Now, you must render one image of Suzanne, a sword (or guitar), and a chess set to complete your Noob to do list. :wink:

Keep Blending!

And here I thought it was Suzanne, a sword (or guitar) and a “first head” on the Noob to do list.

kanthonyjr: what’s really nice about your image is the composition. Not many new Blender Artists have the nerve to model something and then not put it completely in the scene, or only include it by reflecting it in another object. Good work! I look forward to seeing more of your work in Blender.

Welcome to BlenderArtists. :smiley:

I lold:eyebrowlift: when i read your post. Because ive completed most of your “noobs list” without even knowing:o…

nice! add dragon to the list.

Very nice, but it screams for depth of field. You are a million miles ahead of my first render.

Thanks Guys!
You all really make me wanna do more. Chess set eh? :slight_smile: Lol, i honestly think that is my new project, except i’m gonna make it interesting. Ooh! I’m excited. lol guitar is next

Good luck with the Chess set. Remember to start a WIP for it. That way you can gain the benefit of all our powerful blender knowledge or at least get the stupid jokes out of the way before you post it as finished.

This is great!
Is blender the first 3D programme you have used?

And i havent made a sword yet, perhaps i should.

If that is what newbies do for a start now, Blender is in good hands.
The water texture and the quality of the grays are great : any post-prod, gamma correction?
The composition in the one on the left is OK. I see that this is the one you kept for your avatar : good choice. The one on the left proves that an image is nothing without composition.

Glad I’ve seen this.


Very nice.
It’s 100 times better than my first renders.
I might model my future keyboard/a piano next, and a chess set.
I’d like to do a chess game. Screw the BGE, it has no realtime reflection.

Ya and i’m having a great time. I’m also trying out building a house. It’s super hard. Lots of things to worry about.

And sad news guys…I lost this file… :frowning:

It’s ok. I spent enough time on it to where i could easily recreate it in under an hour if i wanted. I’ve got the renders for now

…enjoy your Blender journey …

This is a really nice composition … especially, I think, the one on the right (which shows-off an unexpected but pleasing texture along the bottom surface of the sphere).

This is “unabashedly abstract,” and it is a very fine piece of commercial art.