Ok, so where do I start coding in source?

So, here we are I read books, I typed up tutorials from the net and my books. I studied ALOT… like errggg… to much… I now need a starting area I can futz with in Blender…

All of the tutorials I see on the net for C are calculators and text editing tools NOthing that is like the beast that is Blender… I can read Blenders code and know kinda where things are starting and follow functions around… But it’s to much for me mind just yet …

With your patience can you send me to a kid gloves area I can try and claim some dazzling start ??

Maybe some tools that can come in handy when digging in the code… I know doxy is out, so are there any tools to make graphs of classes of the code flows visually ??

A good start will be to just setup the build envrionment and compile the latest CVS without modifying anything, and getting a working executable

Have you done that yet ?

What O.S. are you running?


Yes I have, I have been doing that for a few months now

OSX Intel and PPC

hi youngbatcat,
it seems you forget that this is not a developerforum, but artistforum!

as a hint for you, I think you get better and faster help at http://www.blender.org/forum


Maybe you can focus in only one single (but not simple) think.

Why don’t you try to improve the DXF import plugin? It’s gonna help a lot of people (like me :slight_smile: hehehe)

Serious, this is something that really need some care.

if you have interest read this thread:


and you tou want I can help you with DXF files and tests in two plataforms, Linux and Windows XP.


Dalai Felinto
Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

Well, sorry the poor english

As for tools … not graphical … but Cscope one tool that I’ve found for “code spelunking”.

This is probably a good page to start with if you havent’ already.

As for ideas, I have no idea what would be “easy” to do, there are plenty of ideas in this thread


Hmm new stuff to read… cool

I ask this stuff here cause it seems developers visit here more often than they do at .org well I have gotten more responces of code stuff here than .org has ever for me

Yes I have, I have been doing that for a few months now

Yeah, but can you do it without moving the include files around?

heh heh… :slight_smile:


Please, can you make bridge and inset/extrude inner tools?

it’s not a feature request thread just a where to start thread

As for the includes files IT Only happened on SDL files it found all of the other files just fine…

Why not start by helping someone in his project ?

The overhaul of the interface is long due and maybe Matt would appreciate if you helped ? It is stuff easy enough to do once someone points you in the right direction. Working with the interface would intoduce you to the OpenGL as Blender use it :do I remember right that you had some ambitions to implement a new OpenGL mode for the 3D view. Gaining experience there would help for that. I don’t follow eveything that the coders do but I think that an OpenGL specialist is sourly missed among them. More knowledgeable people like LetterRip could confirm (or deny).

Hopefully you’ll find a way to cooperate with others : you are somewhat rough around the edges. Half the attitude and twice as nice should do it. With a bit of humility, just a tinge really…