OK, someone has to know what this guys story is....

This is from the Sculptris forum over at Pixologic.


sorry mate, i wont answear that. And you dont want to get the answear by the way. Not unless you enjoy reading about cursing, grifing and primal hatred pointed toward the software called Blender and its creators :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously. To answear this question would propably get me perma-banned from this forums. In a pill: Blender to me, is like terrorism. I dont like it, but i cant fight it. So i chose to ignore it and pretend it doesnt exist, to let me function on my day by day rutine. To remain sane.

Is that not the most insane thing you have ever read? Blender like Terrorism? :eek:

Now that is quite strange unless you consider artists as terrorists and then giving them a free tool to wreak havoc on the powers that would be. I would say that the guy works for the CIA… Just my opinion.

I think he could’ve elaborated why he considers it “out of the question” rather than abusing the popular and convenient “terrorism” slogan.

It sounds from the whole thread that the user is not wanting to use a 3d soft, but is against the very thing that could do what he needs. Oh well, to each his own. I don’t know why he isn’t using the Z Brush program to do his texturing… oh yeah, Sculptris is free so he probably doesn’t have that. I would think Photoshop would be ideal…

I note he’s a fairly new member there, so I personally would say it’s not representative of the Zbrush/Sculptris community.

I wouldn’t put a lot of stock into it, but there are some people who have a lot of stigma against Open Source solutions (which unfortunately is in part due to a ‘my way or the highway’ personality exhibited before by both developers and users in various communities surrounding such software)

I’m guessing he was scared away by the old ui and is the sort of closed-minded individual that believes that the world is as unchanging as his own oppinions.

However, one thing that confuses me is the multiple quotes in that thread about Blender not being intuitive. Sure there is a bit of a learning curve with the hotkeys, but they are now configurable. I found Maya PLE to be unusably unintuitive a few years ago. Maybe that application has changed in the past couple of years (I am not closed-minded), but the immense effort that went into achieving the most basic goals put me off at the time and the ridiculous price tag has put me off since.

I can realise the visions of my mind’s eye very quickly in Blender. I’m not very good at realising them, but I put that down to a complete lack of artistic prowess on my part rather than a fundamental flaw with the program. “A poor worker always blames their tools.”

Having said that about “poor workers”, as a professional masonry builder I don’t fall for gimmicks, but never use poor tools. I guess it’s down to that repeated quote on this enlightened forum… “Use the right tool for the job.” In many situations Blender is indeed the right tool for the job, but some people really seem unable to get over their aversion for something that is Free.

I guess there are just people that can’t comprehend the difference between “worthless” and “priceless”.

Great point Funkyworm - I can’t feel but am impressed at your amazing architech’s ability to express in words exactly what I would have liked to put on the post.

Someone has to be a troll so the rest of us have something to laugh at…

I really don’t see how some of you people can think it’s strange that there are people out there that don’t like blender, and even people who hate it with a passion. No matter what software (or what subject in general for that matter) you choose, there will always be people who don’t like it, and there is nothing wrong with that.

I really don’t care about what he has said. Because none of it matters because he is obviously not all that intelligent.

Quote: “Modeling in core is an artist job. And an artist is not someone strong in math.” I got 99% on my Math exam. And I got 97% on my Art exam, with average A’s in Practical art. What is this guy TRIPPING?

Hating it with a passion vs. saying flat out I don’t want to complete my task as a result of are two different things. At the end of the day, you still need to get your work done, like it or not.

Meh, the guy also said that “PS sucks at texturing.” No point giving any weight to his/her opinions.

Reaper cops the same flak for undercuttiing ProTools/Cubase/etc whilst being superior product. Some folk are just snobs, basically.