ok textures help anyone?

ok so u know how u can make a texture in a different program and then map it onto the 3d model u made in blender? well i need a free program that can do that. thanks!

like gimp?

do you mean a program to make the texture or a program to map it to model on blender?:confused:
blender can already do that.


a program to make the texture

for free? gimp (or MS paint :] )

I use the Gimp and Paint.Net (shown in my screenshot). They’re both free and good quality. Also make sure to export the UV, then once you have made the texture export it at the same width and height it was created.

heh, yea there isnt anything special about the textures, they are just pictures

you should try gimp or paint for free ones

or if your school has it or you “aquire” a copy =[ photoshop is really good

If you’re going to use ms paint you might as well try blender’s internal image editor.

here’s a little tut about to make/use textures in Gimp/Blender: