Ok they ruined jammendo, where do we get music now?

For a few years I have used Jammendo to download music for my projects.

Now they have taken the free music and peppered it with commercial propitiatory crap.

It is so bad, that it is next to impossible for me to download and review music before I add them to the project. Seems like every 3rd track is un-usable thanks to the new sales gimmick.

This marks the end of my Jammendo use. It is easier to just use Google search now.

Google is still a bit lame when it comes to coming up with what i need.

So I have come here, to ask for help.

Where do you guys get your Creative Commons music?

Is there another licence I can use freely like CC?

Thanks for any help on the matter.

(Please i do not want to debate the new Jammendo, or their stupid actions, or reasons. They are useless now to me no matter what the facts are.)

Sound cloud, incompetech

Right, soundcloud is one of the best. Well the company behind Jamendo wants to earn money if you use the music for commercial projects or if you want to play the music in a restaurant … That is for some years, not very new.

But I can say one: search for good artists and collaborate with them and give credits to them … Its worth.

Kevin Mcleod

I use a variety of sources, depending on what you are looking for, but first, have you looked at the “Advanced” box on the Jamendo search page (I’m new here on the boards, so I can’t do URLs properly, so please forgive the mess I’m making here!): www {dot} jamendo {dot} com {slash} en {slash} search?

In there you can specify the license you want to use, but it won’t remove the NC licensed tracks - you can specify just BY and BY-SA as individual searches.

Anyway, moving past that.

I’ve got a few sources I use:

alonetone {dot} com
ccmixter {dot} org
freemusicarchive {dot} org
macjams {dot} com
riffworld {dot} com
sectionz {dot} com
soundcloud {dot} com
sutros {dot} com
vimeo {dot} com

I hope this helps you!

All the best,


Jamendo says they are addressing their users’ concerns.

Yeah. They sent me an email talking about the changes.
Why is it that when someone has a great thing going, they decide to change every single aspect of it?
The new site is a complete turn around from what it once was.

It seems contagious I see Ubuntu, and Make human doing the exact same thing.

They have a popular, useful site. Then they decide to destroy everything users have come to love, for some hair brained change.
The new site reminds me of those “Top 10” list sites that are geared toward making you click on as many pages as possible, so they get to show you more advertisements.

Really hope they revert to the old site .

i prefer the online radio now!