ok um... yeah. check it out. gimme yer opinions.

(milkman) #1


Ok, tell me what you think of it.
Does it suck?
Does it rock?
Should I add stuff?
Should I take stuff out?

(belac) #2

add a table and a lamp next to the bed and tweak the lighting (ie try to get rid of that bright spot on the wall). good start, now make it a masterpiece.


“i dream in mesh”

(rogerm3d) #3

Holy cow thats cool. Textures could use some work.

(S68) #4


nice composition, still some work on materials…


(pofo) #5

Hehe, cool. Cow filled with helium, flying to the moon.

  1. pofo

(basse) #6

make the cow look straight to the camera.


(anti) #7

Nice pic,

but the light looks wrong.

Where is the highlight on the backwall coming from ?
The moon ? (Through the wall?)

I like the handdrawn picture on the wall, nice touch…

(DreamMaster) #8

Oh man lights complains and mumurs lights… lights rid our picture in a tiny snap! :x Lights… the mysterious force of our pictures mumbles.

shakes her head I know, lighting in scene requires practice… keep it going… don’t give up! :slight_smile: Love the cow in the scene lol… you should make its head looking into the camera, it would be extra funny! 8)