OK, what's wrong with my radiosity here...

(rivenwanderer) #1

I’m trying to do a simple lantern on the ground. Looks great. Here is the blend file. But when I replace/add the mesh and render…

{in case you didn’t look at the blend, the lantern’s supposed to have these faces all along the frame to look sorta like a paper screen, and there’s supposed to be a frame on all edges of the prism shape…}
Umm… :-? Anyone know how to improve this? Or is it due to some inherent flaw in the way radiosity works and can’t be fixed…

(theeth) #2

It’s pretty easiy to solve, when you know where to look.

The problem is, Blender takes all materials in all separate objects to make the final material in the radiosity solution, but it cannot have more than 16 materials in the final, so it will delete the rest.

The solution would be to join all the objects with the same material together, so it doesn’t get duplivated (all the wooden beams in your case).


(rivenwanderer) #3

It works! Yay!!! Thank you so so so so much :smiley:

Now I can work on that one project I started but never got very far on :slight_smile:

(kerosene) #4

tnx a lot :slight_smile:
i always wondered, why blender set up so many mats, when i had just three different mats or so…