Okay i'll just spit it out!!!!!!!

Its official…I have a crush on a girl in my church :(.
There! Done! Story-Ended!
The Bandage has been quickly ripped off instead of slowly peeled!
And that’s my explanation.
I figured I’d get it done and over with instead of just constantly hinting cause of my nervousness.

Feel free to tease me now :(.

I fail to see why this would be a bad thing, or a reason to tease you…

It’s just somewhat depressing cause I feel like I’m not ready for this. :frowning:

lol…why? what was the popimt of h\\\\\\\\\\


i…dont understand what happened, what isnt there to understand? Cant you read !?

What was the popimt of h//…?

What the heck does that mean?
Note: I’m not like your regular teen where I speak in text talk. I wouldnt know if that’s what it was or a typo.
Was it “what was the point of_________”

EDIT: did research on it.

None used. I do not believe in using those things.

Big deal so what, Just walk up to her and talk to her like you’ve know
her your whole life. Don’t be afraid to let here know you like her. It’s not like
she going bite you or something. Besides how else you going to find out if she likes you? Hanging around like a Wall Flower? Not going to happen dude.

Women like guys who have Confidence, Humor and Charm.
So go up and talk to her a little bit and then and say, “Hey would it be okay to have your cell phone number”? Then if she doesn’t give you the number for whatever reason then she’s not interested in you and you need to move on and find another.

hahaha…touche…its jibberish…what was I supposed to say again?

I’ve got a plan…I call it the evil plan…even though it’s not evil at all.


Simple. Easy. Effective.

I can imagine. :o

what were we talking about again?

Just…well…what to do…

I’ll be honest I wasn’t really asking for advice…just stating it…cause it started last year…and has gotten worse now.
But you can give advice if you’d like.

oh well in that case. just walk up and talk to her…its never gonna go anywhere without a starting poid’a;s.d…,

More gibberiah eh?
That is the plan.

I have to wait till sunday though

uyfujjyufjyfyyjfjy why?oj;; :stuck_out_tongue: xD i love yiu’;[[]





hhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…i do NOT wanna imagine!

sigh I just got done sending an email to my parents about this.
I still live with them (I’m 17) but it’s just plain easier for me to explain in text format.
I feel like they need to know I’ve gotten here.

I pray they follow my pleas in the end of it. That way i don’t have much embarrassment tomorrow morning.

Oh I wish it was Sunday! Then I’d try to do stage one of my plan.
Befriend her and stay her friend for a few years.

But alas. That was yesterday. And she wasn’t there yesterday.

I’m an Architecture student in university. And I have a crush my classmate.
Yeah, it’s always easier to tell such things to strangers.

TWS, go say HI, and see where that leads you. Saying HI never leads to anything negative.

Extra tip: Just treat her as if she’s your guy friend. - that is, don’t be sweet, be a dude.

Or you can stay at home and look at your girl character… your choice.