Okay im reallllly new to blender and....

This’ll probably be an easy question to answer for you vets. All im asking is how do I move an object between open scenes. See I had an object. I wanted to smooth one part of that object so I separated it from the main object after moving it to another scene in the same project file. Now that I have done this i need to put it back in the same scene but I have no idea how to do that. Please help a newbie out :-?

Ctrl-L -> To Scene -> Select the proper scene

or from the 3D view header menu:

Object -> Make Links -> To Scene -> Select the proper scene

In both case, this makes a link to the object from the other scene, so you’ll want to unlink it from your current scene by deleting it (Xkey).


Okay Second Newbie question, what is the procedure for texturing objects (I looked at the manual and I cant see how exactly you apply texture). In this case im trying to get a burnished metal effect for a rifle magazine using the Stucci texture.

EDIT: Oddly enough I can apply the texture easily with the other part of the model… Maybe ive cocked something up here…

EDIT 2: Okay its the stucci texture that I cant get to work. I can do without, thanks for the help

The stucci texture can only be applied as a bump map or a displacement map. It has no effect otherwise.