okay what do you think of my flask.

like it.


Unfourtunatly I don’t have the blend. file anymore.

When I tihnk flask I think small bottle for liqure (spelling?) not a stone bottle.

I dunno what to make of it. Is it stone? ceramic? plastic? The texture looks stone, the specularity looks ceramic, and the texture stretching implies plastic.

I took a ceramic texture. and used it.

smurf123, liquor :stuck_out_tongue:

And I never knew there was an english word called flask O_o
Oh well, live and learn ^^

I was going to make it for a game called morrowind. but I think the engine would not like it too much.If anyone could help me I am seeming to have a problem in blender some times I can’t rotate with the middle mouse button.

Let me gues… it took 1 minute to model, 1 minute to texture and another one to render? :stuck_out_tongue:

so true…professional 3d modelers must laugh their asses off when they come to elysiun to see what kind of work is being done with blender.


I was making work like that after only using blender for a few hours. Get some standards.

well it was my first model.

I like it! =-)

I like it. If you still had the .blend, I would recommend putting it in a scene on a table or in a hut or something. I think you’re texture looks a bit strange on the very top of the flask. Other than that, it’s good.:smiley:


p.s. Everybody has the right to post their first real model in Blender…I don’t see a problem with him posting his. It’s a fine looking flask, and since he can’t make a scene for it because he no longer has the .blend, it is in fact, finished.

when i think of a flask, i think of a small, wooden corked bottle.
just for kicks, what do you guys think of this pitcher (pitcher as in holds water)


This thread should be shot, and mounted on the wall for all to see.
First of all, he is posting a random thing (his first model) that he doesn’t have the .blend file for anymore. If you think it is wonderful, I apologize. But the main reason I would post something like that would be for ways to improve it. But the file is dead and gone.
Secondly, he said he was making it for a game called morrowind. Excuse me if i’m wrong, but that game has been out for the computer and xbox for about 3 years… and they haven’t been asking for any flasks lately.
Third, someone else came in and posted their completely off-subject picture in here (which I think is much better that the actual thread is about, considering it is actually in a scene).
Sorry 'bout the book,

I’ll have to agree with Striker. Lol

Why, Morrowind comes with comprehensive modding toolkit, so I suppose he meant it is for Morrowind mod. And if we would start to bash every clueless newbie coming here it would be… Impractical. (Ok, being poor artist myself, I’m biased. :slight_smile: )

Anyway, here are some ideas for the original flask:
1)Game art is and will be for quite a while 80% about texturing, so if you seriously plan to mod something you need to focus on that.
2)Post wires, not renders to get meaningful advice about mesh…
3)Spin tool is your friend when you need bottles, plates, cups, etc. (see documentation.) And if that assymetry is by design, please reconsider it.
5)Haven’t played Morr in ages, so I’m not really sure, but weren’t all the 3d-visible items there simple textured billboard planes or something equally stupid… (Characters weren’t of course :slight_smile: )

yes it was for a mod called Tamriel Rebuilt and I know the model is not right for the game. I was trying to fix it when it was deleted.
I just wanted to know what I could do to make it better next time and with less verts and faces.[/img]

More like this (320 faces/triangles):