OkGo Caricature W.I.P and setting W.I.P

Project GO

afrosk8er88 and I are working on remaking the OKgo video " a million ways"

check it out



ok well that is it for now . check up for updates and let us know what you think

Great looking head so far!

Looks very nice so far cant wait till you finish it :wink:
keep up the good work


Hey !! alittle update

Alden: thank you very much, Death: thank you very much also we cant wait to be able to show you guys this haha


glasses are finished yippie and im starting the body …

there are four more characters to make and they are mostly wearing the same thing so i possibly will be copying and pasting bodies and then tweaking limbs to show difference
just for times sake

hey all

well im getting there sooooo let me know what you think of the style of the character and other C&C thanks!



he’s got shiny shoes!!!

comments would be appreciated???

any one like it dislike it ? whatever.

textured and raytrace


haha great look on this guy! i dig the style youre using keep up the good work. and cant wait to see the other chars. or the short :wink:

definitly a wonderful style going on here. It might be the angle but it apears that the arms are too long? Maybe a better perspective would help in determining this.

Oh and just from looking you have excellent definition in the hands awesome work here.

Dmancrosse: Thanks , I was really going fore a different kind of style . kind of mixed of a rockin rol cartoony style with skinny limbs . plus easier to pose

the short is going to be fun . thanks

bobfree: thanks for thw comment . i will post another perspective and change the length of the arms they do seem to long

Afrosk8er88 here.

I’ve been doing some more work on the scenery. I’m still peicing stuff together as i go.

I unwrapped and textured up that cylinder thingy.
I think it looks good.

And then I did the materials on the big brick box thingy in the back.
(that’s the brick thingy)

Close up angles:

And the wide shot we’ll be using:

Ok well I need help bad??? or suggestions or possibly if this looks alright?

ok here the image


Does this hair look alright? if not I need some help or suggestions

any suggestions ?? for what i should do about that hair??? we dont want to do particle or fiber more of a modeled look?

only thing i see wrong with the head is that the forehead should be alot larger, the eyes are suposed to be about halfway down the face. Unless thats the looks your going for?

man hair is so tough… thats why i do robots :wink:
but really, try a spin off of the anime style, with hair made of conical shapes. try to make the hair a closed shape besides where it attatches to the head. join the cones at the base and youve made some kind of hair. maybe not as far as dragonball z, but you can get an idea of waht i mean right? youve got a cool toon style going. dont shake it by making the hair alpha-textured and mock-realistic.

also, like what was already said, lengthen the forehead atleast a quarter of the current head length. keep it up :slight_smile:

small scenery update.

I built a bush.

Oh happy day.
lsystem is a wonderful script.

I realized I need to make everything more green. there should be leaves everywhere in the background. there’s barely sapace for anyghing else.

That was what I learned, and thet was my quick update.

I’m starting to play around a bit with the lightin conditions.

I’m going to start from a base ambience-only render and proceed from there.

This is the render:
more to come in due time.

lookin good !! i havnt updated sorry but I had a kick ass time at Chapel hill !!! woooo party


Tell me what you think of this kind of hair ??? and it does need more tweaking but this is the jist