Ol Lil House

Odly enought the thumbnail of this pic looks better than the full size pic… =(
I also have some questions on how to properly make a window w/ a shine on it. mine always turn out looking like bricks.

This is what i got in the end

I also cannot get my grass to look very smooth and soft… it looks really hard… i wanna know how to make the grass look soft.

Looks OK, but this is what I would change:
Shingle texture – it is way too large to fit the proportion of the house. Scale it down and tile it or get a new texture.
Windows – you can make them ‘shiny’ by adding a different material (with ray mirror enabled) to the windows only, or separate them from the house and then add a new material (simpler).
Grass-- You can make it smoother looking by playing with the strand settings (shading buttons, in Links and Pipeline panel)

Also, try adding bump maps on pretty much everything…:slight_smile:

Any questions about any of this, just ask.

oh thnx… and ya i forgot about the bump maps… thnx for remindin meh. and i will take ur advice =)

is it possible to use disp maps w/ nodes? doesnt seem to be workin.

nice work there … try decreasing the grass size and the sky texture flip it horizontally and removing the specular from the grass

How do i make light pass through the windows correctly
is that what raytransp is for?

Not very relevant but i did some tests w/ terrain and will try to apply some of these principles to the texture on the ground in that ol lil house image.

Here is the result of my test:
W/O Nodes…

And yes i want to get into advanced terrain modelling.
I made this image by making many subdivisions on a 32x32 surface then adding a disp texture that would only elevate a part of the image.
I up the noise a bit until i got those mountains… then to get the ruggedness of the hills i add a disp texture of the SAME IMAGE.
Then I added a NOR of a randomly generated clouds effect w/ depth at max and some other stuffz i got a fairly satisfying result and if you were to try this DO NOT DO IT IN INTERNAL… YOUR results will be different… I did it in yafray for a more realistic result.

Here it is w/ a variation on the original composite node system… using a gaus (gaussian) blur to give it the “cinematic” effect.
W/ Nodes