Ol' Marley & Randy: Illustration render style with no external editing (Cycles)

Heiya everyone!
In the last days i’ve spent my time by testing around some differents renders/materials/compositings to improve my beloved illustrated-low poly style. In this little turntable you can meet the Ol’Marley and his friend Randy as I’ve finally come to a result which really satisfies me!

I’m still working on improving this, but some of the focal points of this setup are alredy fine:

  • NO EXTERNAL EDITING (Photoshop, Gimp etc): What you see comes stright from the compositing nodes (Cycles).
  • Pretty fast rendering (25-30sec per frame on GTX 970 4GB)
  • Only 2 shader are used: Diffuse and Emit (with a little bit of magic!)
  • Beard on the ol’captain looks pretty awsome! ;D

Here it is a table of all the layer/passes I get by rendering the scene, before mixing them into the compositor.
(Sorry for the poor quality, i’ll provide some HD images link in the next days!)

Final image

Layer/passes table

And, in the end, here it is a closeup of Randy, because he looks pretty badass if you stare at him closely!

Next step is to pick up those 2 guys and animate them into something funny, to see what happens when things start to move up and dance&shake a little bit!

Thanks for giving a look at my work.
C&C are welcome!


This is definitely one of my favorite toon renders that I’ve seen in a while. Great job! :slight_smile:

This looks great! I would really love to see more from you… do you have a website/portfolio?

Thank you so much Mr. Martinez, I’m a such big fun of your all your stuff!
You appreciation means so much to me, thanks!

Found your portfolio on Artstation, you have very good stuff there. Why not put it in you signature/profile?

Sorry for the late reply!
I’ve spent my day on updating my Behance profile, so you are welcome to click here to find more stuff! -->


(Artstation portfolio is really outdated! I’m gonna give a look at it soon!)

Theisland… wow.
Meravigliosa. Semplicemente meravigliosa.