OLAF like glare filter. OLAF like array modifier. OLAF LIKE YOU.

On a more serious note, the motion blur on OLAF is cranked to the highest level. And you can see the raw ‘tweens’ on the outskirts of the motions. All I know about motion blur is: Yes. And? Is there a formula for motion blur?


I liKe Olaf of bread please!

Nice animation, fog, is there DOF too? In the animation the blurr looks fine. Motion blur actually draws tweens, if you want to really blur something you may want to use the compositor

Rock me Amadeus!


@walshlg - no depth of field. I’m a nut for speedy renders.

@daren - thanks, mang.

And check this out: 256 levels of motion blur. Can the human eye see the subtleties?

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