Old 2.25 Games

Last year me and a fellow named Mooman who I met in the #gameblender chat room decided to try and make multiple level game involving Megaman. The basic story is Megaman was stuck in Game limbo and had to defeat various Characters like Mario,Sonic,Donky Kong, Pac Man, and Shamus.

We got Two levels done and I wanted to share those here once more.

You will need 2.25 to play however. I dont have the time to convert this to newer engine.



I downloaded the mario level but it gives me the error ‘Corrupted Zip file’. I dont know if thats just something with my computer or if the files bad on the server.

I will test and zip it…probably my server…it does that from time to time

Very nice, but I think it needs sound. I remember seeing the Mario one a long time ago.

Also, the delayed parent camera has a glitch that makes the view distort. I would suggest using the camera actuator instead.

But, these are old and you’re not working on them, right?

I am not working on these anymore. I work on The Crosswalk most of the time, Except when I am doing the Christmas Kart game at work.( mostly sketches)

But as soon as Henry is done I am going to work again on THE CARTEL game.

Sorry for not posting the working blend yet…i have been real busy…I will try to od tonight.