Old 2.49 particle-fire material in 2.6

first: the new smoke simulator is really awesome, and produces highly realistic results, but in 2.49 I made fire with particles, and an halo-material. This needed (nearly) no precalculation, and was quite fast to render. It also was easy to setup and gave a decent result if used with a noisy wind-force-field. But the alpha had to be animated, I took the material and set alpha to 0.7 for frame 1 and alpha to 0 for frame 100. This gave a smooth flame. But now, in 2.5/2.6, I have full alpha in frame 1 and the flame cant be seen from frame 100 on. Please help me, so I can recreate that effect.

Thanks in advance,

Having the same problem: the IPO for the material’s Alpha curve looks fine, but it is applying to the materials as a whole, not to each individual particle. Let me know if you find a solution!