Old (2.61) feature -- still there? (Layers in images)

In this cued-up YT video, the OP shows a layered approach to image editing.

In 2.93.5 I’m not seeing the layers list, but it’s possible I’m looking in totally the wrong area, given the differences in the UI.

Is this feature still available? I’m doing some simple, map-type images, and this kind of simple overlay would be ideal for roads and rivers and whatnot. I get that it’s a stack of separate images (not a ‘true’ layered image format), but that’s okay for my purposes.

Video description says it’s a plug-in prototype

D"oh!!! Sorry for wasting everybody’s time. :blush:

Sadly, it appears this feature and/or addon never was fully developed, or at least I can’t locate it.

“Fabio Russo” was the developer. There’s at least one $$$ alternative on BlenderMarket.com .