Old abandon house.

So I’m working on a myspace page for a band, and after talking with them about the look they wanted for the page and the elements they wanted to incorporate I quickly discovered that blender was going to be heavily involved. I haven’t been using blender very consistently for all that long. But with the release of 2.50 alpha I began using it again.

Anyway, it’s all done in blender 2.53/gimp, rendered with the internal renderer. No post-pro outside of blender.

The amb occ is baked (on most of the objects), and the only ray-tracing is for the smoke/fog/dust stuff.

Things I’m thinking about changing:

Maybe thread in the buttons on the jacket since it is so close to the camera.

Tassels or something on the lamp shade.

Brighten up the shadow under the desk a little (closer to what it was with indirect lighting)

Turn the smoke/fog/dust stuff down a hair.

Add a bevel on the door way.

Fix the angle of spotlight on the bottom of the lamp.

So here are the images, the final one will likely be at ~1920*1080 on the myspace.

Here is the full size with no DOF blur
Here is the full size at f3.5


very nise. i like the one with dof best.

i would rotate the hat a little more thow

What a beauty, nice job! Does it use colour grading? Cause that can make it a beast, like creating a sepia effect. It doesn’t look abandoned tho, looks as if they have owners on holiday. For abandoned, I’d have the paint bleeding off the walls and a plank or two fallen into the room, rotting. Maybe also a gigantic hole in the left wall with massive rays bleeding in… but hey, this is still a wonderful work!

hey, good job so far, but in my opinion you’re not finished yet.
first of all I agree with the above; this house doesn’t look abandoned. The hat and coat wouldn’t be that stiff, electricity would be cut off, things wouldn’t be this clean.

Second, why would you use depth of field in an image where the whole room is important or do you want to focus a particular object? tip: learn some photography if you want to get into realism.

Last but not least you need some more contrast (I like the imaginary diagonal line between dark and light). You can make the hall behind the coat completely black and/or you can show the window which will become a very bright spot in your image.

anyhow, keep it up! :wink:

The lamp’s light halos seems a tad unrealistic. The hat seems to be floating there, you should rotate it a bit so it’s more realistic. The paper in the suit seems too bright, sort of strange.

Personally, I think it’s a great image. There should probably be more detail, to show that it’s abandoned, so maybe you can just go around the room adding in small little details. It would help a lot, I think. Good job, though!