Old Alley

a dark old alley way lead to a world beyond…

blender 2.72

edit: updated render


Beautiful! Maybe realign the background… doesn’t quite seem to line up with the angle of the houses. Other than that, this is a fantastic render, and looks just like real alleys in France and Greece that I’ve seen

^Thanks, here is another one because i just notice the foreground metal gate is all repeat texture… little change to color also


I love it, the style, composition, everything. awesome render

Thanks, although i will need to fix the background…

Stunning! Just stunning!

Thanks, maybe I should put some people in there

This has ever so much atmosphere! Makes me homesick for the south of France… incredibly beautiful work, FW!

A lovely image. I love the fact you haven’t tried to ‘over realise’ it. The style is really, really nice.

You’ve really captured an atmosphere here. Great image. I like the steps especially.

it’s really very beautiful! Nice composition. Congrats.

This is pretty neat :wink:

It’s a beauty, eh.

Nice! Reminds me of some pictures I took from a trip to Toledo.

My only critique is about perspective. I’m not certain whether or not you added any depth of field to the scene, but something about the overall perspective doesn’t seem to fit quite right to my brain. It feels like there’s one “foreground” perspective with the alley where everything is in focus, and a second “background” perspective of the scenery image behind it where everything is uniformly out of focus, rather than the entire image gradually going more out of focus as you move away from the camera.

Overall, nicely done!

Very nice! Love the lighting & shades…

Amazing details! The windowpanes look so great!

Incredible work! Truly resembles the real alleys in France…