Old Ballerina.

Hi guys.
Modeling - Blender 2.48. Sculpting - ZBrush. Render - Maya( mental ray).

Excellent modeling and your choice for her pose is cosmic: she seems almost coquettish despite her age. Fine work and kudos for choosing such an unusual subject.

Very well done. :slight_smile: Just one question: would you recommend using ZBrush for sculpting? I’ve only ever used Blender.

Well done dimertii. Unusual subject indeed. Haven’t seen in zbrushCentral, you don’t post there? Its a great place for zb to mentalray scenes.:slight_smile:


I like the hands v.much and find the subject choice amusing…

A lot of detail there. Great Work.

Great idea and such a lovely execution! Very realistic sculpting. I would like to see some blender wireframes.

btw. Thank you for the shaman rigging tutorial! You have some really good ideas there. It would be nice to have the rig to play with (even withouth the mesh)

Awesome work! I love it. Very unusual subject. Kinda makes me a bit sad for her. Like re-living old days of glory.

Strangely graceful. And nice texture too!

I love this… very unusual, and thought provoking!

Thanks, guys! :slight_smile:
This idea of the customer. I implemented this idea.
begebies: Yes, ZBrush is very convenient program for sculpting. Works well for small RAM. In Blender also good tools for sculpting. But many loads of RAM. I buy more RAM and write a lesson on sculpting in Blender 2.5.
michalis: Yes. Today I’ll put this picture on zbrushCentral.
SelahJaden: I did not understand what you mean.

ristesekuloski: blender wireframes.

Great idea executed really well. Would love to see her in a scene with all the different shaders and texturing, she makes me think of Edgar Degas.

Very nice, love the idea too. Great stuff.

super and five stars from me, about the only thing I don’t like is the tutu but the rest is great the face and the hands are what I love the most. But why such low res post something higher would be cool.

great work though

This is probably the most realistic render i’ve ever seen. If you wouldn’t have posted the wireframe i would say it’s a fake and you’d taken a photo :smiley: Very great work, keep it up!

Can you render it in blender internal? I think yes. Mental ray is superb but the same principals here. Because I have a problem with this thread, some more involvement with blender is needed. Just to learn something. Sculpt is well done though, still waiting to see a post in zbrush.

Thanks guys!!1 :slight_smile:

michalis:Blender Internal I render model shaman and a dangerous man.
At ZbrushZentral can not I upload. “you do not have permission to access this page” . I write their administration - they are silent. I can not create a theme, or write a comment.

tyrant monkey: I’ll post a better quality picture. But a little later.

Beautiful sculpt and concept realization. Only fly in the ointment for me is the pedestal/base, which places the entire piece into the realm of a porcelain miniature, pushing the sense of seeing a true human character back a half-step or more. The lighting contributes to this perception. Perhaps that was your goal, but I’d relate to it more fully if it was treated as a full-scale figure rather than a figurine.