Old bandstand needs help. New railings required. Maritime feel

Greetings from Liverpool,
Really hope some great artists can help out with a community project.

To reimagine the lost railings with some of its maritime roots. Post width is roughly 122" height 30"

We removed over 115 years of paint from its legs back in 2015, it was close a lot was rotten which we restored then painted, unfunded and taking time off work. The local council then replaced its roof, the structure was safe…

If you where to raise the titanic, you would find a collection box onboard, for an orphanage that sits asside our park.

Wild bill performed in the park when he visited liverpool

Park and buildings history that i researched, if any would be artists fancy designing any amazing railings for our group, we plan to approach the management at a local shipyard, to see if their their apprentices would have the time to create such rails, and install.


Drone footage taken before we restored its legs.


Thinking ships wheel, cannons white star, cunard, blue funnel line there where many more… lancashire rose.

Liverpools first public park 1868

Please if your able, read some of its history, and maybe help create some of your own.

If anyone can help any further with some graphics adding a band or adding ambience towards our goal of attaching electricity to the structure or some wireframe graphics, help us bring our structure to life. So we can spark ourselves.

Best regards.

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