Old barn

A project I decided to start for no other reason then that I saw a picture of a barn, bout 3 hours of work so far, any comments or suggestion welcome just working on improving my blending skills.

The barn’s framing

And most of the siding on

you need to old it up some.

great work so far man!

when i was in sweden a few years back i noticed that the countryside was littered with these old barns. i thought they were beautiful.
anyway, here are some pics that might give you some material ideas (if you havent already set your mind on somehting)


I want to finish it before I old it up, but I’ll be sure to.

Thanks man, I might use these.

Just a question, but have you ever taken shop class? I ask because that is a very well structured building. Also I wish to know how you achieved so many planks without it taking forever to move, render, or anything else ( because I tried this once, and when I tried to old it up, I literally had to sculpt in some of the “damage” and that forced my poly count into the millions)

So how do you plan to go about “olding” it up?

Small critique (even though its in WIP)
You can see right through the building (do you plan on leaving that area open?) I would at least put a modified rectangle to separate its inside from the background (maybe full on black shadeless for a plane in the back?)

Do you plan on showing it as an inside render as well (as thats the only way I can think of why you used actual wood planking for the insides structure)
If so, maybe put some hay bales in there when its done? I think that would look really cool
Exspecially as a 360 roundtable, that then flies in (because noone would expect that) and shows all the modeling inside ;D

No I’ve never taken shop class, just really like architecture. Right now I have 23000+ vertices, 8400 if I get rid of the metal roofing, I’ve not had any problems with moving, rendering or anything, and for “olding” it up I think I’m going to shorten some 2x4s and lean the walls and roof shouldn’t add too many extra verts my ref pic is http://www.flickr.com/photos/imrickndakota/1381604761/.

I think on the issue of seeing through the barn is because I hadn’t finished all the siding, but I might not be understanding what your saying on that, I finished the siding and threw on some temp textures so maybe you can point it out on that.

And I’ve no idea how I’m going to do the renders yet, but that’s a good idea, as I said I just started this out of boredom, I did all the beams cause I like intricate details, even unseen ones.

Updated barn

see even that update looks great!

top work man!

I see it now, yes you fixed the background showing through, so your just going to tilt it about, how are you going to go about the textures then? because if you use a brand new texture on an “old” barn, then wont it look like someone recently decided that it looked nice on the old side, and just repainted it?

I’m going to throw some old wood texture on there, right now it’s just a temp to get the feel. Plus I’d like two models a new and an old beat up one.

Started destroying the barn, suggestions for further damage or anything welcomed

I know it’s already rather far along in the modeling, but how about some stone? Lot’s of old barns are partly made of stone.

Well alot of barns have a stone foundation, and I might throw that in when I put it into a scene but to make the structure partly out of stone at this point would be very difficult

I think this is where i’ll call it quits on the destruction, tweak what I have and then start figuring out textures and scene

Texturing yay.

Woow, nice work. The last one is starting to look really cool. I like the way you did the “destruction” of the barn, very realistic in my opinion.

Thanks alot, The “destruction” really just came down to dragging and deleting vertices, but thanks for the compliment

Nice. Looks a lot better then before. One thing is that I can see that the
wood texture is repeating over and over. That’s something you’re going to
have to change at some point if you want it to look real.

ah smart idea, and i can understand why, thanks for replieing

Worked on the textures a bit and added a field, still working on getting the grass to feel right.

Some clouds, and I’m happy with the grass now. Not really sure what to do now, so any suggestions would be much appreciated.