"Old Bathroom" - Jay-Artist

“Old Bathroom”

Hi guys,

This is my latest render titled “Old Bathroom” created in Cycles and slight post work in Photoshop. 2000 Samples, Blender 2.63.

It’s the final render and I consider it now complete, so please respect that it’s not a WIP and I don’t want any CCs, thanks :wink:


Looks great Jay, but expect CC. People might think you’re just asking for compliments ;]

This reminds me of the old joke with the wife who parks her car in the pool. She is too afraid to tell her husband, so she asks her son to inform his father of the mishap. When the son returns she asks him what his father said.

“Should I leave out the swearwords?” asks the son.

“Of course!” replies his mother.

“In that case, he didn’t say a word.”

You should always want CC even when you consider your work finished. It will just make you better for your next project!

I really don’t want to offend anyone, with me asking for no CCs (Constructive Critique or Constructive Criticism), but the title of this section in the forum is “Finished Projects” after all, if I’d have posted it in “WIP” or “Focused Critique” then that would be more apt for people to comment and advise/critique on what I could do to improve in their mind.

I’ve spent a lot of time on this image and I think it’s unfair when other artists post up their hard work in “Finished Projects” and some people can’t wait to fault an image without a consideration for whether the artist did it that way because that’s what they liked or were happy with e.g The “You could have done this”, or “Maybe if you’d have tried this, it’d more realistic” etc.

If you went to a real gallery and the artist/painter was available, you wouldn’t walk up to him/her and say, “It’s good, but if you did this instead, or perhaps if you used different brushes…”

I have no problem if someone says they don’t like it, and it’s not their bag - I just would prefer not to have endless “could have dones”, it detracts from the piece of art, good or bad.

Peace :slight_smile:

I agree with you wholeheartedly there Jay-artist. Well justified point.

And what comes to the image itself - flawless texturing. Great job.

…YES…FINISHED Projects…I 100% agree with Jay-artist…well said…one of my most memorable C&C was “Honestly, I don’t like it”.

…soothing…i do like it…

I like this, very much!
Actually it has a Andrew Wyeth’s watercolors feel, somehow.
Excellent work.

Excellent work. I love the atmosphere of it and the feel of authenticity. Texturing is amazing too.

Ug, I wrote a long post defending giving C&C - but then erased it by accident.

Anyway the point was that C&C adds to the experience of a work by getting people to consider it from new angles, or think through the artist’s intentions and techniques more.

Also, if an artist is made to justify their decisions, in the long run they will put more care into their work, I know that having taken some art classes where every piece was critiqued by the group, I learned to think much more about what I wanted to do, and how to accomplish it.

Also, sometimes it’s clear that people need advice to improve their work. Nobody benefits if people refrain from that, even on finished projects. To be clear, it seems like you know what you’re doing, so that doesn’t apply here.

Anyway, this piece is really great, but/and I have one crit, but I guess I’ll save it. :wink:

Looking again, the texture work on the wood wall behind the bath is really top-notch, impressive.

I usually love you renders, this is not the exception. ;D


Thanks for the comments guys, glad for now most of you like the image.

As for the whole CC debate is one that I think will go on and on, there’s valid reasons for both - but for me I personally like the idea that there are areas in the forum that are for different purposes. Otherwise there might as well only be one section to post our art.

I’m very happy to share any knowledge I have, whether good or bad and also how I got there with whatever technique. So if anyone ever has any questions I’d be happy to answer or talk about, although discussing things like that isn’t really CCs.

Anywayz, L8rz, :slight_smile: