Old Blender site back on track ! (since hardware crash!)

For all you n00bs (and not to forget we olders who wants to check out them too!) out there hunting and chasing old documents and tutorials, the old Blender site manage before by the old company NaN is now up an running. after a major hardware crash!

go and check!

and I don’t know if this too haven’t worked some time…but now it does,
really neat Blender searchengine/database:


Special thanks go to B@rt, the old blender.nl webmaster (and now part of the docboard team) who worked very hard to get the site back up online! (we need the CGtalk beer mug smiley for situations like this ;))

So? Just steal it http://www.cgtalk.com/images/smilies/beerchug.gif

hehe is that the one that B@rt cough accidentally cough deleted? lol. I think I willl go check it outski!