Old Blender vs New Blender, don't know where everything went to?

Hi, I stopped using Blender when it’s interfaced changed, I switched to maya, now I am coming back.

I am trying to figure out how to move the pivot point of an object. I have figured out how to snap the cursor to things and rotate an object around the cursor but I would love to be able to move the object’s pivot point to the cursor or just to move it in general. In maya you hold d and you can move the pivot point and snap it to an edge, vertex or whatever.

anything similar to do this in Blender? I remember a button called Center Cursor, but I can’t find that in this Blender interface, I only knew where it was in the older Blender.

edit: I also want to know how when I change the pivot point to scale from it so if i just wanted my object longer it would scale from the pivot point and not both sides, tried scaling it from the cursor by entering in the width and it scaled both ways.

At the top of the toolshelf (shortcut T) use the ‘Origin’ button or in the Object / Transform menu

Thank you.