Old bottle caps

A personal project, 3D model in blender and textured in Substance painter, my goal here is to imrove my learnings after watching a ton tutorial in youtube about texturing in substance painter and apply it to my personal project…it was a lot of fun especially when i draw a scribble and not aiming to be a good drawing but just have fun! and i think it turns out pretty well…this project was heavily inspired by Cornelius Dämmrich project called “Multishot” & “Graphite”

I put more information in my artstation page! hope to see you there! :smiley:

Credits to BlenderTime for the bottle cap tutorial! Thankyou!
you can watch here! :slight_smile:


Looks great. Thanks for the link, will be trying out some of the tutorials on his page to improve modelling.

Your welcome! :slight_smile: