Old Brick Building

Here’s a cyberpunk building im finally finished with! took atleast a month with texturing and lighting and was a really good learning process with tech lighting! i will upload a video soon! https://mega.nz/#!ZTZQXKZb!dZowNNFcW97RPsoDHzOzKtJanqHIflaTta6cWqWD56I



nice work !!!

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Love your works! Can’t wait to see the video of this!!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

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You’re #featured! :+1:

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Pretty cool! is it cycles?

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Love it, it’s has tons of atmosphere…but it ain’t cyberpunk (IMHO)…more urban distopia…but that aside it wouldn’t be out of place in movies like RP1 and/or ABA. Blender is moving about. Dying to see the video.


to be honest, i like the scene, but i really don’t like the lightning.
it looks to plastic… to much fog - glow… and the colors seems doesn’t match the light as well.
also the car windows can maybe have some reflection on it.
but that’s are just “minor” updates. overall good work and great building.

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This is amazing chummer! Have you shared this on reddit? It’s a bit, beautiful crossover post I’ll bet well worth every minute you put in. This is a very absorbing vignette! I want stories there :slight_smile:

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To be honest … that’s what I like about it. It isn’t realistic, you’re right. But it has tons of atmopshere and style. I really like it personally.


Love the modelling and the mood, gratz ^^

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Rendered in cycles and textured in substancePainter!

no not yet! but hopefully soon!

Thanks for the feedback personally i wanted to go for foggy scene for the purpose of representing a smog filled environment,i really dont see what you mean about the lighting, signs in a decayed rundowned environment tend to be brighter than there surroundings from the references i found but i can take more of a further look at soon.:smile: