Old British Dude - Stylized Character

Took quite a lot of time for me to did this. (Around 3 weeks.) Sculpted on Zbrush and textured on SD, but retopology, lighting, rigging, shading, hair styling & rendering (cycles) are all done in Blender. The cigarette smoke is done in photoshop with a stock image from unsplash with some liquify effect.

Also, I never knew creating one character would take so much disk space. This one took around 17GB lol. I guess it’s because of many SD, Zbrush, OBJ & FBX files here and there.

Based on a concept by the talented Roberto Robolus Freire:


Final Render (800x1000)


Lighting set up

Also found and applied this lighting concepts from an Artstation article, thought it would be useful to share for you guys too! So, here you go :point_down:

And the table model is from this blendswap by hansberickson. Thank you! Changed the texture to fit the character.


Looks amazing, very faithful to the concept aswell! :ok_hand:

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Thank you very much! :smile:

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Excellent piece, clothing texturing gives it a lot of solidity.

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Thank you! Although most of the fabric normals got blurred by the denoising. :sweat_smile:

I might get a more clearer image with 4K and more samples, but with my current wooden laptop, I’m satisfied with this :rofl:

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Thank you!!

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Wow, great model.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you!

Thanks man!!! :smiley:

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