(old) bug with -crash- still unsolved

I have always called “bug children”, because it happens more often, with a children
but in reality has nothing to do with the function parent!!

if anything, is a “master bug”
However, the dubt is, by chance, happens only on my PC???

You can try to insert this code with any object ? (just , must be a master obj , not instanced…unique requirement)

this gives me crash:

import bge
own   = bge.logic.getCurrentController().owner
scene = bge.logic.getCurrentScene()

nameOb = own.name

scene.addObject(nameOb, own)


note: with the logic brick you cannot replicate the crash , because you cannot spawn a obj if this is not in a hidden layer.

the script can seem a bit strange , with a “autodestruction” , but is just a script version more short.

the same thing happen if another obj try to spawn one object , when the master obj not exist more in scene.objects and even in scene.objectsInactive

also the try/except cannot do nothing
this crash is not new, happen in 2.63 but also in 2.60 , probably also more old.

in my PC

I used the code and Blender 2.63 crashed on my pc too.

ohh cool!! Tank you Raco! :wink:

I have already send all in the bug traker with a very easy blend, I hope is read from some dev

I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that the object is removed from the scene at the same moment the command is given to copy it.

is not that ,
the crash happen when the original object (master) is destroyed .

then you can wait a bit of time , but when you try to add one copy come the crash ,
you can see it in this file , a object-Text advise you first if the crash is near (just checking if master exist or not)