Old Cabin in the woods

This is still a WIP I want to add a few more items and perhas model an old bike and have a few more objects to make the area look more lived in.
I made the cabin from scratch, the other items are assets from sketch fab and botnaique. I made a bunch of scattering systems with painted density to get what i needed. I want to try the bagapie add-on to get ivy growing on the house and other items…
Any suggestions welcome im not a pro and my composition and everything else is probably miles off. I can tell the trees look wrong on the left, and boutiques tree on the right is probably too low quality for this shot. I need atmosphere maybe a mist pass and post fx will do, and some falling leaves…

Based off of this reference image.

Added more objects from sketchfab. Old Tree by Peter Leban
Fallen Tree by Lead Black Tech
Gnomen musician by C.J. Goldman
Log Pile by matousekfoto

Tried another image as the back plate, but i dont think its working very well.
Used the Real-Snow mod to add moss to rocks trees, and the cabin items, modified the snow material, disabled displacement and added a smooth modifier to get better and thinner moss effect.
Had to do a lot of post FX to get the image looking acceptable, mostly smoothing out detail as it was looking just way too sharp and detailed, adding fog, glare etc, color grading, clarity etc.