Old Ceramic toy fox project

Hallou, I finally finished this sculpt practice project. Modelled ,texture painted it in Blender and rendered in OctaneRender with HDRI image lighting.

Love it! My grandmother used to collect the little glass animals that came in Red Rose tea back in the 70’s and this reminds me of them. The glossiness really give the fox the look of fine china. The way you painted this with all of it’s imperfections really makes the piece IMO. I’m curious how you did this.

that’s pretty incredible, I love the detail especially in the textures/modeling at the edges where pieces would have been molded together.
Keep it up!

thanx for lovely comments guys! :slight_smile: Actually the story behind this baby goes all the way back to my childhood, when my Grandmo use to keep it real high above the “kids” level on an oldfeshioned cabinet. (upUntil now I do not know why?!:p) So it was a really misterious thing to me… Those molded parts are actually cracks…it was later broken and glued together…

Beautiful image! Looks realistic, a cute ceramic fox. I like so much, blendernation, where’re you? ^^