Old corridor

Here is my most recent work.

The idea was to make it look like a sketch on an old piece of paper.

Feel free to criticise. I hope my works are getting at least a little bit better with every render :wink:

Modeled in blender 2.56, rendered with luxrender 0.8, postproduction in GIMP

High resolution available here link

reminded me of the Harry Potter’s videogames.

Wow, really impressive!
Want to show us a wireframe? :slight_smile:

reminds me of the old corridor where the dogs jump in from the windows in resident evil 1, but with better graphics :smiley:

The render seems quite noisy, especially in the foreground on the left hand side. I really like it though, would just like to see lux left to run for a while longer…

Excellent modeling! The render is a little too noisy though; maybe leave Luxrender on for a few days if you have to…

Thank You for Your comments :wink: I actually based my work on some photo I saw somewhere (don’t have it, don’t remember where I saw it :frowning: ).

@ghostly606, Rocketman I now it’s quite noisy, but my computer crushed after many hours of rendering (and I can’t afford to put it again to render). I will attach link to rendered image working on it in GIMP. Maybe it will look better for You.

@linuus If You want I can attach wireframes, when I will have a free minute :slight_smile:

Thank You all for Your comments.