Old Country House tribute

I made this old country cottage scene for testing some renders in Yafaray.
To fill the scene quickly with something i got the chairs and tea-set from blendswap.
And as the scene progressed i liked it and got a few more models from BS.
I think it got a cosy feeling :slight_smile:

The wallpaper has tiling errors and the uv-unwrap is sloppy on the cabinet and needs to be fixed. And i probably should put some carpet under the chairs and table.

So in a way this is a tribute to all the talented artists here who have uploaded their nice models on Blendswap :slight_smile:

Garden Furniture - By MattMump
Buffet cabinet - By sizzler
Break-Time! (tea-set) - By Jay-Artist
Dumbcane Plant - By timzero4
Hurricane Lamp - By timzero4
Classic Alarm Clock - By jeffie
Floor texture - CGTexture
Outside environment - from the Yafaray demofiles for Blender 2.62 (livingroom by suomi)
Wall texture - home made from some pattern