Old Creepy Mansion (not so creepy anymore) starting tectures.

so i realised that im gonna need to get my architectural chops up for my current project…heres my first stab at a mansion. it still needs some details on the roof.

heres the reference

It’s not creepy yet, but so far so good.

I don’t know how closely you’re following that reference image, but it looks a lot like the Biltmore Estate. Heres one image of the front, google should yield tons more images of the estate. It seems to be a very similar style that perhaps you can draw some details from.

Keep at it!

I thought it was this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vaux-le-Vicomte but that doesn’t seem to be the case either.

The one in the pic looks French or German to me. Curious for the development!

hmm i dont know where i was going with the creepy but im pretty much finished with the modelling. its not the biltmore estate, its some place in france as Bonteburg suggested. I’m mainly trying to focus on modelling period style archeticture pree 1800’s because im doing something with Les Miserables.

anyway, here’s an update. im not sure about the pillars. let me know what you think.

a closer one would probably help…

Hmmm… I think you need to have two sets of pillars instead of having them run all the way up. The ledge thingie in the photo appears to act as a sort of pillar divider.

le double post

so i fixed the pillars as suggested, added the stairs and did the garden. heres the progress so far. the materials are just procedural but im really a noob with texturing so any help would be apreciated,


Maybe you should give the pillars a really subtle bulge around the bottom half to make them seem more pleasing. I think that’s how they did it in ancient Greece and I believe they’re like that in the photo.

As for texturing, I’d say go with the blender materials as long as you’re comfortable with. You can get pretty good mileage out of them. It took me a while to make the step to texturing and then it just all fell into place, but I guess we’re all different learners.

alright so i think im done modelling officially…did some tidying here and there and finished the pillars…CAN ANYONE POINT OUT A DECENT TUTORIAL, OR GIVE ME SOME BULLET POINTS ON TEXTURING AND MATERIALS ON THIS THING??? im a complete noob with that side and i just dont know where to even start. i’d ideally like to get it as close to the picture as physically possible.

heres the half update…