Old Crummy Warehouse

(harkyman) #1

This is the environment to my entry in the Living Mechanics contest.

Full size here.

(paradox) #2

Nice. Love the texturing.


(rivenwanderer) #3

Yeah, that’s really good! But the background blurring is too pronounced IMO…

(scrappy) #4

great textureing, background is way too blury, it really takes away from the detail in the forground. ;), dude!!! your in pittsburgh???where at, i live in Homestead, Munhall area

(VelikM) #5

Great texture work!

(BgDM) #6

WOW! :o

Very nice texturing indeed. I think that the focal blurr will be less pronounced once you get the spider into the environment. I would leave it for now until you see the render completed.

You are going to recalculate the env maps on the spider for the environment, correct?