Old Dirty Shovel Asset

Hello folks I am relatively new to this. Feedback from my last post said I should work on adding grunge, so I did with this shovel.

On the handle I used the texture AO to add some mud to the cracks. Then I added a grunge flat map with more mud on the outside.

For the Shovel head I mixed aged steel with rust, and then added more mud with another grunge flat map.

It still doesn’t look quite right to me. The mud should be raised more I think. I tried making some mud splatters and used a particle system to spread them around but it looked horrible.

I was thinking of duplicating small chunks of the shovel mesh and then Sculpting those to look like clumps, but that seems time-consuming. Any thoughts or pointers for achieving this? I would love to know because I have started modeling a Jeep and I would like mud sprayed around the wheel wells.



The shovel head looks great, but the handle is too shiny to be wood.