Old drill press

well, the title is very self-explanatory, this is a very old drill press, unbelievable still working in a little workshop near to my house, the brand is “Sanchez Blanes S.A.” the original tool has been replaced with an end mill.Is used for wood work.

OK enough information :stuck_out_tongue: now talking about the render…

first of all, i have to say i love b-mesh :smiley: it really save lot of time, the render is done in yafaray 0.1.2

Guess is not too bad for my first yafaray render, the lighting rig is very VERY simple.
i used a very dark reddish color for the AO in the direct lighting to avoid a complete darkness, 3 area lights with a very desaturated yellow color and a bright spot light used more or less like a rim light to give contrast in the top of the drill.

the post-production i used inkscape for the word and give it a little contour because the red color was too bright, so i decided to put a dark red to make a less strong transition between the word and the image, the dark contour of the picture is made in GIMP using a circular selection in a new layer and then a very strong blur, another layer was used to put more dark yellow to the image so it looks older.

the scratches and the blur were painted in “MY PAINT”