old dusty room

I gotta tell you, when I first saw this site and the works presented here, i was dumbstruck. Such realism! Well, I certainly can’t compare to anything presented here, but at least I’ll try! Please keep in mind that I’ve only been using Blender for about a month or so. I am also a junior high school student, so my blending time is extremely limited. Anyway, I’d like all the help I can get to make my work better.

Here it is.



Very good for a new user of Blender. Suggestions, change the camera angle a bit the vase kind of looks like it is hanging off the edge of the table or on the floor a change in camera angle by just a little would fix this. The window on the left where the light comes from looks kind of low.
And the dust particles look a little big kind of looks like snow in the room.
These are suggestions for improvement not critcisms over all a very good effort. Keep it up.


thanks for the suggestions, I’ll try to implement them. The vase was supposed to sit on the floor, but you’re right, the camera angle DOES change that. The snow, er, dust is a little too linear on the floor, you can almost “see” the emitting vertices. Any idea how to fix that? One thing I’m really weak at is texturing my models. I can never seem to find the right texture. Also, it lacks some certain realism. Any suggestions on how to improve realism?

how are the backs of the windows lit? if the wall is pitch black so should the backs of the windows. everything has a sense of reality until it comes to the texture for the windows. you either need to add a small amount of light to light the black wall or make your windows black.

this will improve the image greatly :slight_smile:

keep em coming.

It seam to lack shadows for everything except from the windows. Fix that =)

About the particle effect being too uniform on the floor Not sure but here are some things to try. Add some rand on the particle window. change the frame number , or move the emiter a little up or down so that maybe you lose the repeating pattern on the floor. I agree the back wall needs a little light too. On improving textures do some tutorials a list of tutorials for blender is in the question and answer forum. Also find a post by env and check out his site he has a tutorial on texturing. Also check on the web for texturing tutorials even if they are not for Blender. As for reality, this takes practice, it is a combination of texturing lighting modeling and lots of trial and error. Just keep at it and you will get better. Use your eye as a starting point how it looks to you and just keep trying different things until it looks right to you. You are on the right track and your scene has a nice mood to it.

i am sooo lazy! i should have reposted that pic, using the suggestions i received(thanks guys), but i have some tests tomorrow and i am too lazy to correct it. if, on the other hand, somebody would be interested in how it came out, maybe that would move me. I mean, other blenderheads’ works are WAAAAY over my head. this was my first post and i am almost ashamed of it! How can you goys accept such s***? I’ll work harder for my second project: MIB style room with egg-shaped chairs and one round table(can anyone lend me a Will Smith model :smiley: ?). It will feature radiosity. BTW, do you think this pic would look better if brighter?

In my opinion, most pictures would look better if they were brighter. I think that you need to add some small lamps around the room and consider making a candle or something as a smaller light source in the room. The secret to success is more than one light source and colored lights. Add a little color to the light. There is no such thing as white light in most pictures. Also if you are going to post on the boards here a lot, render at a smaller size that fits most peoples’ screens. I don’t like having to scroll left and right and down and up to see all of the comments. Something like 640X480 pixels is a very nice size. Just big enough to see the details in a picture. Looks nice overall though.

Cool first image.

For dust… well… looks like it’s snowing in there :slight_smile:

You should use a halo material with very high alpha, possibly a cloud texture…

keep on blending


anyone know how i could make stained glass out of that window? maybe I can change the theme of the pic to “church back-room” :slight_smile:

Hehe :slight_smile: … quite funny to see the phrase “Zero Catch” then right underneat it “…hot linking is not allowed…”

whoops! try copying and pasting the link…if that doesn’t work, i’ll get on it tomorrow! just post a reply if you can’t see it