Old engine

(Aorta) #1

I am calling this finished.

An old engine based on the Fairbanks Morse “Y” Oil Engine - Style “H”.
I started this project mainly to improve my hardSurface modelling skills and I’ve learnd a lot. The model is not mean to be 100% accurate. I literally just googled old engine, and I found a cool looking design. So I decided to try my best. More info, if someone interested.
Despite the fact, that it lacks a lot of details, I like the way it turned out.

Texturing was done in Substance Painter, everything else in Blender.


(anas) #2

amazing work man, awesome

(Aorta) #3

Thank you!

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(WeakFredo) #4

Pretty much perfect this one. Great job.

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(Aorta) #5

Thank you!

(Paul) #6

Just awesome, I love the old, but well maintained look of the engine. This should be on the top row imo.

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(marcoso) #7


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(Aorta) #8

Thank you!

(Hiisi) #9

Should be in featured.

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(Milkapuding) #10

I really like the way it looks. I see you put a lot of time and effort in to this project.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #11

You’re #featured, enjoy! :tada:

(morritzio) #12

Great piece!

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(özgür) #13

Great work, congrats.

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(Mark06GT) #14

Great job. Congrats on the header.

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(魔大农) #15

Overall this looks really good.
Something feels off though, which breaks the realism for me. I think it’s the main material’s shine. It seems a bit too glossy, maybe? Or too white?

(Aorta) #16

I think I know what the problem is.
Initially I used a smart material to paint the surface and that material was metallic. I decided to change it almost entirely, however I liked the height map it produced, so I kept it as base material. And when I added the color I think I forgot to change the metallic parameters of it. So it looks like some metallic paint. If you dont write about it now, I wouldn’t even have picked it up.

Well, people learn from mistakes I guess. Also, artistic freedom :wink:

(Craig Weir) #17

Absolutely incredible work.

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(Darcy) #18

This is fantasic. I have taken pictures of engines like this at a local steam rally. It looks perfect to me well done :slight_smile:

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(Ton-e) #19

Great work!

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I love everything about this post, especially the textures!

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