Old Entrance

Not really sure what the point of this render was but i don’t think i will continue with it by adding bump/displacement/spec maps becasue i think it would just add to the already ‘noisy’ appearance of things. I don’t mean noisy as is render artifacts i mean noisy as i think it is already very ‘rough’ too look at, hard for me to explain but i think you may know what i am trying to say. Any advice to were i could improve, maybe changing the textures to be more subtle? I think i had the same problem with my last thing i posted here. I changed the vertical size after the render so it may appear a little squashed.




The only thing i see wrong with it off the bat is the brick textures seem a little stretched horizontally, but i think that’s what you meant when you said it might seem squashed. Good work.

a few crits, it does appear squished, and that is killing some potential this image may have. a bit sharp and painful to my eyes which have been staring at this computer screen for the past few hours… adjusting monitor… okay, looks good. i see one sign of decent modeling, the gate), but most everything else looks drab. the texture on the floor needs to have some definition first of all, it’s stone but looks smooth as tile. the one plant all the way to the right needs some texture, and the plant next to the door on the left looks like it’s floating in midair.

that’s probably about it, btw could i see some wires?

Drab is the perfect description i think and yes too sharp to the eyes. This is what i meant by ‘rough’ i think, as in it hurts the eyes. I thought if i added more maps like a displacement to the ground it would just make things even worse. The modeling is very simple as i wanted to focus on textues but i think i failed here too! Oh well. :slight_smile:

Thanks both for the crits they will help for the future.


don’t be too critical of yourself, i see signs if good modeling here. if you went for a simple abstract scene, took away textures and added ambent occlusion, you may have something. but if this was a texture test, i’d say it’s a good start.